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Wallet- Zinli

Zinli, a growing digital wallet based in Panama, offers users the ability to carry out financial transactions via their mobile devices. The app makes sending and receiving money, paying bills, topping up mobile phones, and online shopping a breeze. Zinli stands out for its focus on user security and privacy, utilizing advanced encryption and authentication technology to safeguard transactions. One of Zinli’s challenges is streamlining the registration process in terms of comprehension, utility, ease, efficiency, and effectiveness while identifying potential friction points users encounter during this initial step.

Collaborating with Paruma, real user research was conducted across different countries, including Panama, Venezuela, and Colombia. Users spanned various ages and levels of familiarity with digital wallets. The research was carried out using a high-fidelity functional prototype incorporating registration process changes, which were evaluated by participants. The research yielded the following results:

  1. Consistent Experiences: Despite diverse nationalities and locations, users experienced similar registration processes in the application.
  2. Speed Enhancement Opportunities: Users highlighted the possibility of improving the speed of the registration process for greater efficiency.
  3. Positive Assessment of Information Organization: Participants gave positive ratings to the organization and information architecture during the process.
  4. Importance of Clear Instructions: The importance of delivering instructions in colloquial and understandable language, ensuring clarity in process status and outcome, was underscored.
  5. User Perspective Error Discovery: Errors and challenges perceived by users were identified, not only from a technical perspective but also from the users’ real-life experience.
  6. Market Hypothesis Validation: The research confirmed the validity of certain market hypotheses and provided precise insights into user capabilities.

These findings allowed Zinli to:

  1. Enhance User Experience: Implement changes based on research findings to optimize the registration process.
  2. Streamline Registration Efficiency: Find ways to expedite and make the registration process more efficient.
  3. Refine Value Proposition: Strengthen user understanding of Zinli’s value proposition, garnering strong ratings in perception and satisfaction indicators.
  4. Validate Registration Functionality: Ensure a favorable and accurate perception of the registration process functionality in the app.
  5. Promote User Recommendation and Satisfaction: Receive positive ratings regarding emotional impact and user recommendation related to the registration process in the app.

In summary, the collaboration between Zinli and Paruma led to an improved registration experience in the application, resulting in increased user comprehension and satisfaction, as well as a rise in positive brand perception. These outcomes supported Zinli’s position as a secure and efficient digital wallet in the financial market.

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