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We experiment and research digital ecosystems with users.

We assess your projects with real users

Evaluating your projects at any stage of their lifecycle allows you to gain insights that enhance the quality and impact of your digital ecosystems and products.


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Evaluate Physical or Digital Prototypes


Evaluate Physical or Digital Products

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Paruma DNA, a world of insights at your service.

We profile real users from our Crowdters community using over 65 demographic criteria tailored to your project’s needs, to assess accurately and gather valuable insights.


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Results and data that enhance your projects.

We use analytics tools to provide you with relevant information about the assessment of your projects by potential customers.

What we assess

Data-driven decisions.

They connect with knowledge

Some of our clients who use our services to better connect with their users.

Inspiring companies and communities to explore.

Improvements in the app from 70% to 90%.

Success Story

A leading financial institution in Colombia improved their customers’ transaction experience by implementing AI identity validation models.

With Paruma’s help, they experimented with real users, increased the validation process’s effectiveness from 70% to 90%, positively impacting the brand’s reputation and accelerating the go-to-market strategy.

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Validación de ID menores

Validation of minor IDs – Daviplata

Paruma's work involved gathering parents or guardians of minors aged 14 to 17 interested in opening Daviplata accounts for their children. The research was conducted in multiple phases, from beta testing to the production of the application.

Día a Día Bancolombia

Day by Day- Bancolombia

The Paruma process involved the recruitment of individuals selected according to profiles provided by Bancolombia in two distinct scenarios.

Validación de ID Davivienda

ID Validation – Davivienda

Paruma selected more than 150 participants with diverse profiles, considering devices, ages, races, identification document status, among other factors.

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