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Evaluating your projects at any stage of their lifecycle allows you to gain insights that enhance the quality and impact of your digital ecosystems and products.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Clear your doubts about our processes, services, and deliverables.

A Crowdter is someone willing to help others improve their Product/Service; they are the new generation of business evaluators focused on “User Mode” and “Tester Mode.”

Crowdters are a new population with different capabilities who make their profiles and their own digital devices (cellphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, and more) available for evaluations to explore the challenges launched by Paruma.

Once you register to become part of our community, you will receive challenges assigned by Paruma, and you can start helping industries recognize the emotions of their market before or during their decision to enter the market.

At Paruma, we gather an active community of Crowdters with diverse talents who assist businesses in quickly connecting with their end customers through their Product/Service, thereby providing the best experience for our clients’ end users when interacting with their Product/Service.

As part of our deliverables, and depending on the service you’ve chosen, we gather and organize the information to analyze behaviors and generate and provide both quantitative and qualitative results.

The timeframe for each project depends on the selected service, but in general, we complete each evaluation within a range of one week to a maximum of four weeks.

With our services, our clients can explore the perceptions of their target audience through the opinions shared by the community. Additionally, you can receive feedback on errors or considerations that the public deems important to ensure that users can fulfill the product or service’s purpose.

Through our rapid and continuous experimentation, you can verify within hours whether the target audience is associating the brand attributes they’ve formulated as expectations in digital interactions.

With our services, experimentation is fast and in-depth, allowing you to uncover the emotions experienced by the Crowdters community, in addition to assessing brand recognition.

With our Paruma Concretus® service, you can assess what your customers think and feel, whether the product or service fulfills its functionality, and if it meets your customers’ needs according to the business objective.

Using our Paruma Concretus® service, we can detect errors through exploration, by presenting challenges to our community, and identifying malfunctions or new suggestions from real users.

With our Paruma Challenger® service, you can determine if the prototypes will be easily understood and if the design aligns with the goal of facilitating the customer’s journey to meet their needs.

With our Paruma Napkin® service, you can discover if the hypotheses, ideas, or concepts you have are valid for your market.”

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