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Discover to inspire and evolve products, services, and experiences.

We inspire agile and secure discovery and development.

We are CustomerLab Paruma, conducting experimentation and research in digital ecosystems with users, discovering and developing opportunities in products, services, and experiences to inspire organizations and communities to explore.

We inspire discovery and development.
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Data that improves your projects at all stages of their cycle.


Evaluate Ideas and Concepts


Evaluate Physical or Digital Prototypes


Evaluate Physical or Digital Products


Evaluate Physical or Digital Channels


Profiling of users and interest groups.


Qualitative studies or in-depth surveys.

Crowdters, the heart of your insights.

The community dedicated to helping companies and entrepreneurs evaluate digital and physical products, perceptions, preferences, and much more.

nosotros paruma
We connect
to co-create.

We are driven to impact society by contributing to its growth using exploration and knowledge as resources, and technology as a means to evolve communities towards a more equitable world.

Our Story

"Once upon a time"... there were a couple of professionals with over 20 years of experience in software engineering and over 12 years of exclusive experience in the software testing industry.

A great story of learning, starting from basic operational positions, moving through specialized services, R&D, sales, to executive roles responsible for strategy.

There were mule owners, much like today’s truck owners, who were hired to transport huge quantities of products, connecting businesses with mules, sometimes even using up to 2,500 animals and over 100 muleteers serving these companies. Fortunately, it is from all of this that the purpose of PARUMA was born…

Always with the challenge of fostering culture, innovating in services, and the great challenge of transforming themselves to offer flexible, high-impact models, demanding in speed of results, and above all, generating benefits for customers and society.

With these foundations, they decided in 2016 to create an idea, a distinctive model with a specific focus, drawing inspiration from their ancestors and researching the history of muleteers who protected themselves with the “paruma.” They discovered that muleteering, a trade that began in Spain and thrived in Antioquia, forged the development of the latter.

historia paruma
Gran historia
de aprendizajes

This trade was responsible for transforming the way businesses scaled because it connected producers with consumers and, in addition, it drove our ancestors’ entrepreneurship to form companies.

"Helping businesses connect with their end customers faster."

With this definition, the deployment of the new company begins, leveraging the knowledge, experience, and contacts of these entrepreneurs. They structured a business model that would support all those companies that, in a digital economy, have little market understanding, do not fail quickly, only receive market feedback when it goes live, and understand that the customer’s perception is the reality of their business. They also recognize that an error is published to the world within seconds.

For this reason, they decide that every digital contact can be subject to the verification of collective intelligence to assess, in each business, its global vision, the communication it expresses with its customers, trust and reputation, business flexibility, and verify its business objective, from the creation of the business idea, through the prototype, MVP, to its agile cycle of changes.

That’s why Paruma was born, which, through the design of strategies and challenges, and with the help of a community of Crowdters—people from different locations and digital media, with freedom of thought and an essence of the end customer—focuses on discovering perceptions, revealing emotions, and, in the process, finding errors in their applications, websites, and digital content. This ensures that their real customers do not lose confidence and remain deeply connected to their brand.

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