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Evertec, a renowned, award-winning company, consistently recognized as the leading payment solutions provider in Colombia, with strong partnerships with prominent financial entities such as Bancolombia, Davivienda, BBVA, and Efecty, embarked on a consumer research initiative in 2022 in collaboration with Paruma. The aim was to explore the intended use of their payment platform, focusing on wallet payments and partial payments, two innovative proposals they aspired to implement in the same year.

With the project underway, Paruma conducted tests with real users of various ages and devices, meticulously examining each of the flows to be implemented. The results obtained were as follows:

  1. Outstanding Effectiveness: Payments made demonstrated high effectiveness and performance.
  2. Partial Payment Optimization: Areas of improvement in the partial payment process were identified.
  3. Clear Understanding of Wallet: Users exhibited an outstanding understanding of the Wallet functionality.
  4. Platform Preference: Users expressed a marked preference for using this payment platform over competitors’ proposals.
  5. High Intent: Participants showed a strong intention to use the payment platform with the implemented changes.
  6. Meaningful Communication: The importance of providing instructions in colloquial language, with a user-friendly tone and style, and offering clear information about the process’s status and results was reaffirmed.

These findings allowed Evertec to:

  1. Brand Enhancement: Implement changes that were positively received by users in the research, strengthening the brand’s reputation.
  2. Consolidated Understanding: Solidify users’ understanding of the value proposition, achieving a remarkable rating of 96.09% on the indicators.
  3. Functionality Validation: Validate the functionality of the purchasing process, obtaining a favorable perception of 87.25%.
  4. Satisfaction and Recommendation: Receive outstanding ratings in terms of emotional impact and users’ likelihood to recommend the purchasing process, with a notable 89.20%.

In summary, the collaboration between Evertec and Paruma has resulted in a significant optimization of the user experience on the payment platform, strengthening Evertec’s position as a leader in payment solutions and reaffirming its commitment to user satisfaction and preferences. A deep understanding of user needs and preferences has been a crucial factor in the success of this initiative.

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