Validación de ID menores

Validation of minor IDs – Daviplata

Daviplata, the successful mobile digital banking application in Colombia launched in 2012, has gained renown thanks to its innovation, user-friendliness, and commitment to financial inclusion. With over 5 million active users, the app has undertaken an ambitious challenge: including minors as customers. To achieve this, Daviplata collaborated with Paruma to evaluate the functionality of the identity validation process and train artificial intelligence to allow minors to open accounts.

Paruma’s work involved gathering parents or guardians of minors aged 14 to 17 interested in opening Daviplata accounts for their children. The research was conducted in multiple phases, from beta testing to the production of the application. The results of this research were as follows:

  1. Effective Understanding: Minors demonstrated a high understanding of the account opening process.
  2. Area for Improvement: There was an identified need to improve the effectiveness of identity validation.
  3. Trust and Security: The data of minors received high ratings in terms of trust and security.
  4. User Experience Focus: The research revealed errors from the perspective of real users, not just technical, allowing for a better user experience.

These findings led to several actions:

  1. Enhanced Reputation: Daviplata strengthened its reputation by demonstrating its commitment to including minors in the financial system.
  2. Limited Impact: The application was able to make improvements without affecting its over 5 million general users.
  3. Optimized Experience: Issues affecting the user experience were resolved, and more effective error messages were implemented.
  4. Moderate Satisfaction: Account openings received a reasonable rating in terms of emotional impact and likelihood of recommendation, with a score of 69.15%.

In summary, the collaboration between Daviplata and Paruma has paved the way for the inclusion of minors in the financial system, improving the user experience and ensuring safety at every step of the process. Daviplata’s vision as an inclusive digital banking platform has been strengthened, demonstrating its commitment to a more accessible and efficient financial future.

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