Piloto Recargas Tigo

Refill Pilot – Tigo

Tigo, one of the leading mobile operators in Colombia, has been a benchmark in the market. In 2020, Tigo had a mobile phone market share of 24.85% and provided coverage to 94.09% of the country. In more recent periods, the company reported a 5.9% increase in profits during 2022. Given its prominent position in the mobile phone sector, Tigo had a particular focus on optimizing its top-up model across various platforms, including the Mi Tigo, Web Express, and Web Mi TIGO apps. The primary goal was to ensure that customers understood and made the most of what each of these platforms had to offer.

In collaboration with Paruma, specific strategies were implemented for each channel, using real users with different characteristics and profiles. The research results revealed the following:

  1. High Understanding of the Top-Up Process: Users demonstrated a high level of comprehension of the top-up and package purchase process on the various platforms.
  2. Familiarity with Promotions and Package Content: Users were aware of the promotions and package content that Tigo offered.
  3. Channel Communication Preferences: Users expressed clear preferences for communication channels through which they preferred to receive information about promotions and top-ups.
  4. Opportunities to Improve Promotional Messages: Areas were identified where the messages used to promote promotions and top-ups could be improved to increase their understanding.
  5. Differences Between Platforms: Differences were noted in how users utilized the various platforms for top-ups and package purchases.

These findings allowed Tigo to:

  1. Strengthen Brand Reputation: Enhance brand perception by implementing changes based on research findings.
  2. Optimize Top-Up Experience: Improve the top-up experience in the Mi Tigo app by finding more intuitive routes.
  3. Improvement Strategies for Less-Used Platforms: Design specific improvement strategies for platforms that were less frequently used by users.
  4. Sustaining the Package Model: Maintain the package model that received ratings exceeding 85% in aspects like clarity, ease, speed, security, and satisfaction.

In summary, the collaboration between Tigo and Paruma allowed for the refinement of the top-up and package purchase experience across various platforms, ensuring user comprehension and maximum utilization. With these results, Tigo was able to maintain its leadership position and continue to provide quality service to its customers in the competitive mobile phone market.

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