Validación de ID Davivienda

ID Validation – Davivienda

Davivienda, one of the leading banks in Colombia, offers its customers the option to open accounts through its mobile app, Davivienda Móvil. Through this process, users can access the bank’s banking services from their mobile devices. During the account opening, the app asks users to validate their identity through facial biometrics, using their device’s camera to verify the authenticity of their identification document and compare the photo with the document. This validation also applies to transactions and payments within the app. In order to assess the effectiveness of this process and understand the potential errors that users face when opening accounts or making transactions, Davivienda collaborated with Paruma on this research.

Paruma selected more than 150 participants with diverse profiles, considering devices, ages, races, identification document status, among other factors. These participants went through different account opening and transaction scenarios. The research results were as follows:

  1. Identity validation: The identity validation process through photos was confirmed with a medium-high level of effectiveness.
  2. Frequent retries: A significant number of attempts by users to validate their identity in the Davivienda app were identified.
  3. Perception of security: People feel more secure when using this type of validation.
  4. Varied preferences: Users had various preferences regarding the type of validations they prefer when using the Davivienda app.
  5. Focus on communication: Emphasizing the importance of providing instructions in a colloquial and transparent manner, maintaining a tone and language familiar to users, as well as clearly informing the status and outcome of the process.

These findings allowed Davivienda to:

  1. Brand improvement: Implement changes based on the discoveries of the experimentation process, strengthening the brand’s reputation.
  2. Avoid inefficiencies: Not impacting the more than 7.5 million users of the Davivienda app due to inefficiencies in the account opening and transaction processes.
  3. Experience optimization: Identify errors that hindered a better user experience and establish better communication for error messages.
  4. Consolidated understanding: Obtain a high score of 84.36% in the value proposition comprehension indicators.
  5. Successful validation: Validate the functionality of the account opening and transaction process in the app, with a favorable perception of 77.93%.
  6. Satisfaction and recommendation: Receive outstanding ratings in terms of emotional impact and likelihood of recommendation, with a strong 76.43%.

In summary, the collaboration between Davivienda and Paruma has significantly improved the user experience when opening accounts and making transactions through the Davivienda Móvil app, reinforcing trust and security at every step and solidifying Davivienda’s position as an innovative, user-centric bank.

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