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Sura, a successful Colombian company that stands out not only nationally but also in Latin America, has a solid presence in various countries in the region. In this context, the company offers an online payment platform to its customers who have car, home, life, health, and other insurance products provided by SURA. Customers can input their billing information and make payments with credit or debit cards, avoiding the need to visit a physical office to make payments. One of the channels to access this platform is through the website. However, in an effort to understand current usage and make improvements in this channel, the company decided to delve deeper into how customers were interacting with the Pago Express tool on their website.

In this scenario, Paruma conducted research on the Pago Express website using real users with diverse characteristics, such as different ages, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, and cities in Colombia. The results of this research revealed the following:

  1. High Understanding of the Payment Process: Users demonstrated a high understanding of the payment process through the platform.
  2. Positive Expectations for Changes: Users had a positive outlook on the changes made in the beta version of the page.
  3. Increased Speed of the Payment Process: The implemented changes made the payment process more efficient, which was favorably perceived by users.
  4. Retention of Preferred Elements: Elements from the previous version of the page that users preferred to keep were retained.
  5. Identification of Areas for Filter Improvement: Possible enhancements in filter options for payment searches were identified.

These findings allowed Sura to:

  1. Strengthen Brand Reputation: Cement the brand’s reputation by implementing well-received changes as a result of the research.
  2. Enhance User Understanding of the Value Proposition: Reinforce users’ understanding of the platform’s value proposition, achieving a score of 91.55% in indicators.
  3. Validate Purchase Functionality: Validate the functionality of the purchase process, achieving a favorable perception score of 84.66%.
  4. Emotional Impact and Recommendation: Receive outstanding ratings regarding the emotional impact and willingness to recommend the purchase process, with a score of 88.13%.

In summary, the collaboration between Sura and Paruma improved the user experience on the Pago Express platform, strengthened the positive brand perception, and validated the efficiency and effectiveness of the online purchase process. With these results, Sura was able to continue innovating and adapting its platform to offer a more satisfying and convenient service to its customers.

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