Día a Día Bancolombia

Day by Day- Bancolombia

The “Day by Day” feature in Bancolombia’s application revolutionizes its customers’ financial management, enabling them to organize and categorize their expenses to gain precise control over their personal finances. This tool empowers users to set spending limits in each category and receive real-time notifications with each transaction. Its value lies in strengthening financial management and preventing exceeding the budget. With the goal of enriching customer service and refining their continuous improvement approach, Bancolombia collaborated with Paruma to assess users’ knowledge and understanding of the “Day by Day” feature in the mobile app, as well as to measure the tool’s effectiveness in personal finance management.

The Paruma process involved the recruitment of individuals selected according to profiles provided by Bancolombia in two distinct scenarios. The first allowed the Bancolombia research team to interview 10 participants. In the second, the Paruma team conducted a User Experience (UX Research) investigation with users of similar profiles. The following results were obtained from this research:

  1. Clarity in Needs: A deeper understanding of customers’ needs was achieved.
  2. Lack of Motivation and Knowledge: A lack of motivation and knowledge was identified among users regarding personal finance management.
  3. Preference for Timely Categorization: Users prefer the ability to categorize expenses at any time after making the transaction.
  4. Significant Communication: The importance of communicating instructions in colloquial language, with a user-friendly tone and style, as well as providing clear information about the process’s status and results, was emphasized.
  5. Focus on Real Users: Opportunities for improvement were identified from the perspective of real users, not just from a technical view based on requirements or user stories.
  6. Market Hypothesis Validation: Market hypotheses that underestimated or overestimated users’ capabilities were confirmed.

These findings allowed Bancolombia to:

  1. Brand Improvement: Implement changes based on research results, improving its reputation through process enhancements.
  2. Communication Optimization: Enhance communication campaigns related to the “Day by Day” feature.
  3. Reinforced Understanding: Consolidate users’ understanding of the value proposition, achieving a remarkable 93.26% on the indicators.
  4. Functionality Validation: Validate the effectiveness of the expense categorization process, achieving a favorable perception of 86.79%.
  5. User Satisfaction: Receive outstanding ratings regarding the emotional impact and users’ likelihood of recommending the financial organization process, with a strong 86.72%.

In summary, the collaboration between Bancolombia and Paruma has allowed for the optimization of the “Day by Day” feature in the application, strengthening users’ financial management and consolidating their trust in the brand. A deep understanding of users’ needs and preferences has been a key driver for these changes.

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