Accesibilidad Bancolombia

Accessibility – Bancolombia

Accessibility, an innovative project by Bancolombia, is dedicated to promoting financial inclusion and access to banking services in Colombia through cutting-edge and sustainable technological solutions. Through mobile applications, mobile customer service centers, and financial education programs, Accessibility aims to serve vulnerable and low-income communities. This project has been recognized both nationally and internationally for its impact on financial inclusion. One of Accessibility’s central focuses is the inclusion of people with various disabilities, so they sought to understand the needs of these customers when using ATMs.

To address these concerns, they partnered with Paruma, who, along with their team and collaborators like Whee Education, recruited Bancolombia customers with total or partial visual disabilities, as well as individuals with motor disabilities. Field research was conducted using tools such as participant observation, surveys, and interviews to understand the needs of these users in the context of using ATMs. The research results revealed the following:

  1. Transaction Agility: Users, regardless of their disability profile, can carry out their transactions at ATMs quickly.
  2. Desired Autonomy: All users want to perform their transactions independently.
  3. Voice Preference: There is a strong preference for the option of using voice at ATMs.
  4. Experience Control: There is a need to control aspects such as the speed and volume of voice prompts at ATMs.
  5. Accessibility Improvements: The potential to improve the positioning of buttons and Braille signage was identified.
  6. Positive Expectations: Users have high expectations regarding the changes to be implemented in ATMs.

These findings allowed Bancolombia to:

  1. Barrier-Free Access: Ensure that people with physical disabilities can access banking services smoothly.
  2. Improved Reputation: Strengthen the brand’s reputation through the implementation of inclusive technologies and services, considering the accessibility of people with disabilities.
  3. Sustained Efficiency: Avoid disruptions in Bancolombia’s customers’ routines due to ATM process inefficiencies.
  4. Informed Decision-Making: Make more informed decisions based on insights provided by real customers with various physical disabilities.

In summary, the collaboration between Bancolombia, Paruma, and Whee Education has improved the accessibility and the experience of customers with disabilities when using ATMs. By considering the real needs of users, Bancolombia has strengthened its reputation and advanced towards greater financial inclusion in Colombia.

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