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“Pásala Ganando” – DDB GROUP

Bancolombia’s “Pásala Ganando” program is an initiative that rewards the bank’s current customers for their credit card purchases, helping them achieve goals in various categories such as health, food, education, and more. The program offered two participation flows: a simple one, where customers could claim prizes for their purchases, and a “complex” one, where they had to meet a specific number of goals, choose participation bonuses, and accumulate coupons to obtain the bonus they were participating in. Due to the dynamic nature of the program, Bancolombia wanted to understand if users comprehended the different operational flows of the program.

To address this concern, Paruma set out to test the flows with various profiles of real users of the “Pásala Ganando” program. The research results yielded the following findings:

  1. Preference for the Complex Flow: Users showed a preference for the complex flow compared to the simple flow.
  2. Higher Resistance from Retired Users: Retired users displayed greater resistance to the program.
  3. Approval from Users with Little Prior Knowledge: People with little prior knowledge of the program showed a higher approval of it.
  4. Perception of Novelty: Users considered the program as something novel and attractive.
  5. User Interface (UI) Recommendations: Recommendations were provided to enhance the user experience regarding the user interface.
  6. Insights into Program Dynamics: Valuable insights into the program’s dynamics and operation were obtained.
  7. Importance of Clear Communication: The importance of communicating instructions in a colloquial manner, using a tone and language familiar to users, and providing clear information about the process’s status and outcome was reaffirmed.
  8. Confirmation of Market Hypotheses: Market hypotheses that previously underestimated or overestimated user capabilities and preferences were confirmed.

These discoveries allowed:

  1. Brand Reputation Enhancement: Strengthening the brand’s reputation through users’ positive perception of the “Pásala Ganando” program.
  2. Positioning as Innovators: Positioning the brand and its loyalty strategy as innovative and in tune with customer needs.
  3. Implementation of Design Improvements: Implementing improvements in design and user experience, taking into account the provided recommendations.
  4. User Experience-Based Decision-Making: Making informed decisions based on users’ real experience with the different flows offered by the program.

In summary, the collaboration between Grupo DDB and Paruma provided a deeper understanding of users’ perception and interaction with the “Pásala Ganando” program, enabling substantial improvements in the customer experience and the brand’s consolidation in the market.

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