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Advance Salary- Daviplata

Advance Salary, a feature of Daviplata, transforms users’ financial management by allowing them to request up to 50% of their monthly salary as a loan deposited directly into their Daviplata account. This amount can be used according to individual financial needs, with credit assessment and financial history with Daviplata influencing the loan amount and interest rate. Requirements include an active account, at least two salaries received through the application, no pending debts, and three transactions in the last 30 days. The goal is to provide a quick and convenient solution for short-term financial needs, avoiding traditional bank loan procedures.

Daviplata partnered with Paruma to assess users’ perception of “Advance Salary.” The research aimed to understand their knowledge and understanding of this service, as well as their motivations and barriers. Key results include:

  1. User Interest: There is a clear interest in using Daviplata’s advance salary feature.
  2. Clear Communication: While there is understanding, there is a lack of depth regarding the process and its differences from similar services.
  3. Approval Time Improvement: Faster approval times are suggested for greater efficiency.
  4. Process Effectiveness: The functionality of the advance salary process is highlighted as effective.
  5. Importance of Communication: Communication in a friendly and clear language is essential, conveying the process status in an understandable manner.

These were the positive outcomes of the collaboration between Daviplata and Paruma:

  1. Improved Reputation: Implemented changes have improved the brand’s perception.
  2. Enhanced Communication: Information about “Advance Salary” is now more accessible and clear.
  3. Simplified Process: Adjustments to the application process have made it more transparent and straightforward.
  4. Consolidated Understanding: The value proposition has received high ratings on indicators.
  5. Successful Validation: The functionality of the advance salary process has been validated with a favorable perception.

In summary, Daviplata and Paruma have redefined how users experience financial empowerment with “Advance Salary,” improving user understanding and satisfaction and establishing a strong connection between users and their financial needs.

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