UX transforms companies

UX transforms companies

UX, or User Experience, aims to solve real people’s problems and help them achieve their goals in a simple and obstacle-free manner.

The impact of UX on your business

Did you know that people who download an app and find it difficult to use quickly look for an alternative, and on average, only 20% of those people give it a second chance?

Validación de ID menores

Validation of minor IDs – Daviplata

Paruma’s work involved gathering parents or guardians of minors aged 14 to 17 interested in opening Daviplata accounts for their children. The research was conducted in multiple phases, from beta testing to the production of the application.

Día a Día Bancolombia

Day by Day- Bancolombia

The Paruma process involved the recruitment of individuals selected according to profiles provided by Bancolombia in two distinct scenarios.

Validación de ID Davivienda

ID Validation – Davivienda

Paruma selected more than 150 participants with diverse profiles, considering devices, ages, races, identification document status, among other factors.

Pagos Walet Evertec

Wallet Payments – Evertec

With the project underway, Paruma conducted tests with real users of various ages and devices, meticulously examining each of the flows to be implemented.

Adelanto de sueldo

Advance Salary- Daviplata

Daviplata partnered with Paruma to assess users’ perception of “Advance Salary.” The research aimed to understand their knowledge and understanding of this service, as well as their motivations and barriers.

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